हाम्रो बारे

Our Journey: our commitment

          baidyanath yadavWhen we returned after registering Saptari Jagran weekly in the District Administrative Office Saptari in 8 july 2001 A.D., we felt like a mother with a newly born child in our lap. We felt very much delighted as well as scared finding this weekly in existence which was the result of a month ago mutual discussion & positive suggestions from media personalities, scholars and well wishers. Now, it was a great challenge for us to flourish the weekly, but we proceeded with great enthusiasm & determination.

          We are very much pleased to inform you that the weekly has entered in its 14th year, facing lots of challenges. The weekly family wishes to forget those difficulties & challenges faced previously. The contribution & assistance granted by all the related media personals, readers, friends, donors of advertisement will be unforgetable forever.

          On this auspicious occasion our heartiest gratitude goes to honorable journalists Mr. Bhola Raman Upreti & Mr Byas Shankar Upadhyay for their direct or indirect appreciable suggestions from time to time. Again I would like to thank Mr Nanu yadav, the chief editor of the Saptari Jagran as well as Mr Dilip Kumar chaudhary who played as vital role in composing & setting the matters of this weekly, otherwise it was quite impossible to place this weekly in ‘kha’ category of newspapers by Press Council Nepal, under the Government of Nepal.

          Journalism was considered free after, the success of first public movement against. Monarchy System in 2046. The second public movement of 062/063, Madhesh movement, establishment of Republic along with two Constituent Assembly election and the experience or controversial opinion and challengers among different political parties, regarding the contruction of constitution have been all our concerning during our fourteen years long journey.

          It is a known fact the country has been trapped in dilemma because the historical changes had not been implemented. The people have not realized the democracy even after its announcement, due to political instability, political parties indolence, rudeness in the society etc. It is also a bitter truth that media has been admonished in democracy more than before. If the present transitional phase of the country is not wiped out soon, the press will definitely have to suffer in many ways. Media, which is always in favour of public liberty, has fixed its main mission to face challenges to be voice of voiceless people. We can’t escape and be apart from this very duty and responsibility.

          Respected readers, we are committed to inform the people through unbious news and information and that is why, our main slogan is “The symbol of the right of the people of being well-informed.”

          We are committed to the institutional development of Democracy, the construction of new constitution, establishment of permanent peace and also to aware the political parties, government services holders for the empowerment of voiceless people. We are also committed to strengthen centuries old relationship of our country with the neighbouring country India. This Weekly has been playing the role of bridge from Indian boarder, we have determined our high priority on the different criminal and unsocial activities on border area, such as drugs-smuggling, girls-trafficking, business of duplicate currency notes and the ill-spread propaganda against the neighbouring country, India.

          Because of the focus on information communication Technology with the appearance of twenty first century we have also entered in ICT.

          This weekly has also suffered from the difficulties in monitory collection in remote areas in the same way as others. On the other hand, the policy of the distribution of advertisement of Nepal Government to only the papers of the Capital has also added sufferings in the poverty of Weeklies, such as ours Despite these difficulties, we have continued our journey because of the co-operation and well-wishing of honorable readers, subscribers, advertising agencies and well-wishers.

          We have always been determined to manifest the decreasing and down going condition of Saptari district in the field of development, where a galaxy of intellectuals are residing. We have also always, tried to communicate the truthful facts. Our journey is continuous, but we have no rivalry in this journey with anyone. Other media houses are our co-travelers, not rivals. We are well-wishers of all. The senior journalists are always our honorable ones. The journalists of new generation will always undoubtedly get love and affection from us.

          We wish our country may soon get a new constitution, Federal Ruling System with identification and permanent peace. We are sure this Saptari Jagran online will proceed towards our goal and mission with your heartiest co-operations. In the last, We expect and welcome all the suggestion and feedbacks for our progress. Thank you.

                                                                                       Baidyanath Yadav

Publisher / Editor

                                                        Saptari Jagran Weekly